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Information on Yoshitsune Jujitsu

Instructor Bio


Yoshitsune Jiu-Jitsu is derived from Hakkoryu Jiu-Jitsu.  Yoshitsune was founded by Michael DePasquale Sr., who was a Shihan (Master) of Hakkoryu, and who was acclaimed as the Father of American Jiu-Jitsu.  Frank Payne was taught Yoshitsune by  a student of Michael DePasquale Sr., Bill Dempsey, and through Bill was introduced to Michael Sr., whereupon he got individual instruction in Yoshitsune from O Sensei DePasquale directly.
Yoshitsune is a traditional Japanese martial art that is not restricted to ground techiniques as are some jiu-jitsu styles, nor strikes, as are others, nor throws, as are others, nor any lock-up techniques, as are others.  Yoshitsune incorporates all of those combinations of techniques and others besides.  It is probably clearer to simply say that Yoshitsune is about forty percent aikido, thirty percent karate, twenty percent judo, with the other ten percent not being common to any of those arts.  Yoshitsune is very effective for self-defense, both for civilians and police and military personnel.  Yes, it can cause serious injury, such as breaking bones, dislocatin joints, and ripping cartilage.  But it can also provide one with the capacity to control without injury to the assailant.  Thus, it is also Very effective for public and private school teachers in breaking up school campus fights, in that the teacher can control combatants, two at a time, without even the appearance of injury to the students involved.  This control capacity makes Yoshitsune also very practical for police officers over-conscious of police brutality charges. 
Frank Payne has taught public school student, college students, business persons, doctors, teachers, lawyers, and other professionals, prison guards, U.S. Army Rangers, and police officers, and has had the techniques he taught praised by all of them.